Ellen Sinel: Paintings


The following retrospective contains selections of my work, from the late 1970's to the present.

Although my work has changed and evolved throughout the years, it has always centered on the concept of landscape. This retrospective begins with the geometric abstractons of the late 1970's, which contain the basic elements of landscape, in particular, the horizon line.

My geometric paintings developed into more representational landscapes. In the late 1980's, the replanting of my garden in Washington inspired me to paint flowers and gardens. For the last decade I have been exploring different types of landscapes and palettes. Significant inspirations for me have been the Virginia countryside and the quiet beauty of Cape Cod.

I am influenced by the places I've been and events which occur in my life, so naturally, my work goes through gradual change, passing discretely from one phase into another, always containing elements of both abstraction and representation.